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Feng shui clubs are not a popular type of organization There are, however, many, many books on the subject and hundreds of websites devoted to the practice. There is an American Institute of Feng Shui (see below) and some states have institutes with certified instructors of feng shui, classes, etc. An easy search of your local directory will tell you if there is a feng shui club in your area.

American Institute of Feng Shui
7220 N. Rosemead Blvd., Suite 204
San Gabriel, CA 91775
The American Feng Shui Institute was founded in 1991 by Master Larry Sang.

Landscape ecologists are finding feng shui to be a fascinating form of study, as are environmental scientists and landscape architects. Many have researched traditional feng shui methods and use them in their profession. Geographers have also analyzed the feng shui techniques and methods to help locate historical sites and archaeological sites, especially in the American Southwest. They’ve thus concluded that ancient Native Americans considered astronomy and landscape features in building their dwellings, just as the ancient Chinese. If you’re interested in one of these professions, you might check to see if there is a club involved with the feng shui methodology.


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